An unofficial zine exploring Beidou and Ningguang's love in every universe.


Project LaunchFeb 14
Interest CheckFeb 20 - Mar 5
Contributor ApplicationsMar 25 - Apr 25
Contributor Results SentApr 30
Last Day to AcceptMay 2
Pitches DueMay 7
Pitches AcceptedMay 10
Check-in 1May 30
Check-in 2June 30
Check-in 3July 30
Final SubmissionAug 10


Graphics & Layout
Bio sometimes a gremlin, most times a beiguang supremacist
Head & Layout Mod for Rogue Waltz
Head & Layout Mod for Everlasting Lilies
Graphics & Layout Mod for Eternity's Bride, etc.


Writing & SNS
Bio I usually eat beiguang for breakfast


CN Translations
Bio beiguang
CN Translator for C-Novels
Writing Mod for On Love


Bio I'm a basic gremlin and I love soulmate AUs
Head & Social Media for Everlasting Lilies
Art Mod for Teyvat's Divination
Art & SNS Mod for Wind's Devotion


Promo Art
Bio not immune to white haired ladies with red eyes


Finance & Production
Bio i’m ready to celebrate the girlboss extraordinaires
Finance and EN Comms Mod for IN/FINITE
Art Mod for Yours, Eternally
Mod for zhongchili mini-BANG!


Bio Super excited to be here and help everyone to have the liyue leader lesbians!
Shipping Mod for Ex Umbra
Shipping Mod for Raijin
Shipping Mod for Stardust Tides

Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: What is a zine?
A: Zines are similar to shortened magazines and are filled with art and writing. This zine will feature fan-made content celebrating Ningguang and Beidou’s love in every universe!
Q: Is this zine physical or digital?
A: We will be confirming this based on our Interest Check.
Q: Will there be merchandise?
A: Yes, there will be merchandise which can be purchased as a bundle with the zine. Tentative merchandise, and whether it will be available physically or digitally, will be confirmed based on our Interest Check.
Q: Do I need zine experience to apply?
A: Not at all! If you have any concerns, you’re more than welcome to send us your queries through our Peing and the mods will be happy to clear your doubts.
Q: Can I apply for multiple positions?
A: Yes. However, you will only be accepted for one role.
Q: Are polyamorous ships allowed in this zine?
A: As this is a zine meant to celebrate Ningguang and Beidou’s love, we will not be allowing polyamorous ships, even if it involves them both. This is so that we can maintain focus on the both of them, and avoid ship discourse!
Q: How will contributors be compensated?
A: All contributors will be guaranteed a PDF of the zine, and digital merchandise, if there are any. Should profits allow, all contributors will also receive a full bundle of the zine, including merchandise.
Q: Is this a fixed dynamic zine?
A: We allow fluid dynamics in this zine. As long as the content is focused on the characters, any dynamic or portrayal of the characters will be permitted.